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FACTION Lyrics (Digimon Ghost Game Opening) - Wienners

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Digimon Ghost Game Opening Lyrics - FACTION by Wienners

Faction faction aimaina monsa
Kai chuushouteki faction life..

Faction life kimyou kiteretsu
Kaikai tourai mysterious
Patto furikaettara futo
Kanjiru michi e no material
That's a faction faction aimaina monsa
Faction faction real ideal
Faction faction haigo ni kasuka
Faction faction 'ima oidemasu'

Tooi te wo maneiteru shoutai wa truth or lie
Sakaime nai gradation no hazama de 'oide'
Genchou guuzou shinjitsu ka saemo oborona manma
Go after, vanish, show up 
Kurikaeshite wa tsukamenai...

Acchi kocchi odoroki (dokkin)
Samayotte moments meikyuu wa labyrinth
Kaiki toppi kurayami (bakkun)
Tobikomu mitaiken no oku no oku ni

More faction faction detarame 
Shirimetsuretsu no naka ni mo kitto
More faction faction
Shinjitsu no kakera ga umoreteru hazusa
Real? fiction...

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