Takt Op. Destiny OP Eng Lyrics (takt by ryo (supercell) Ft. Mafumafu, gaku)

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takt English Lyrics - ryo (supercell) feat. Mafumafu, gaku (Takt Op. Destiny Opening)

We headed to that city...
I want to sing a random sing...
What's that? Laughs..
I thought the journey would continue....
On the road where sadness continues...
How long should i walk..
I can't see it anymore when i look back...
The day passed...

At the same time, i will remember and play
I"ll play..
You see, the shooting star i was looking up at..

Let's take that song..
That time, that night..
We are there, we can meet anytime
I'm not lonely because i'm there

I will never forget the sound
Until this nostalgic melody reaches us...

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