Entertainment Lyrics (Goblin Slayer 2 Opening) - Mili

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Goblin Slayer Season 2 Opening Lyrics - Entertainment by Mili

Rockin' fruit
But now it just won't make the end
My fallen self and greed has been spared
Redivided, there's my destruction...

Day and night..
We searched along the rails
Hoping to find another trail
Leading to heaven
The heavens are waiting for montion
Fired up for action..
There's no gain
Only pain x4
All thing pain
My pain's not existent today

Count with me one two three
How many lters can you bleed?
How many turns you plan to last?
How many lives you need?

I saw a star...
Brightening up the dark
So don't you stop my fire's been burning our every day...
You and me are another..
But temporary

Do you intend to start
Backing for mercy?
For when i win
I won't forgive
And i shall win
Just i Shall win...
You one sided game

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