White Noise Eng Lyrics (Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Opening) - Official HIGE DANdism

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White Noise English Lyrics - Official HIGE DANdism (Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown/Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Opening)

The exhaust sound,
Which is like tearing the town to pieces,
Is groaning at my feet and careening..
Driving straiight to look for the whereabouts to the tail lights that disappeared...
From beneath the withered tree, 
The voice of a coward leaks out..
No matter how much i plug my ears,
It echoes painfully...

There's no way i'll forget the revenge i swore on that day..
My trembling heart still cries out so loudly..
Calling out that name.....

I won't lose until i embrace the despair
You laughed off as spreading
Even if fate beats me, it doesn't hurt or itch
I'll keep running down the path...

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