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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Exceed Español Lyrics By Miyuu (Fairy Tail ED 26)

Fairy Tail Ending 26/Fairy Tail: Final Season Ending 4 Español Lyrics (Exceed - Miyuu)

En la cima de esta colina, se puede mirar hacia la ciudad..
Estoy segura de que la persona que quieres ver hace lo mismo..
Todavia recuerdo lo que dijiste ese día...
Estoy peleando por alguien...
Incluso tienes heridas que nunca sanarán
Así que lamentas que nunca nos entendiéramos el uno al otro..
Y sonríes de forma triste

Te llevaré a un lugar donde puedas volar lejos mientras tú quíeras...
Así que no me sueltes..

Si podemos aceptar toda y llegar a ese lugar...
Sé que seremos invencibles

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Exceed Lyrics (Fairy Tail: Final Season Ending 4) - Miyuu

Fairy Tail: Final Season Ending 4/Fairy Tail Ending 26 Lyrics - Exceed by Miyuu

Kono sakamichi wo agattara machi ga mioroseru no..
Aitao hito wa kitto onaji you ni sugoshiteru...
Ano hi no kotoba wo amda oboeteru yo..
Dareka no tame ni tatakatteru...
Ienai kizu mo aru deshou..
Wakariaenai to nageite..
Kanashii me de waratte miseru

Kimi wo zutto motto toberu basho e tsurete itte ageru...
Dakara sono te wo hanasanaide..

Bokura kitto zenbu
Uketomete auite iketa nara...
Dare ni mo makeru hazu nai yo

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

MORE THAN LiKE English Lyrics By BiSH (Fairy Tail OP 26)

Fairy Tail Opening 26/Fairy Tail Final Series OP 4 Eng Lyrics (MORE THAN LiKE - BiSH)

Keep picking up pieces, keep on traveling
If you can go beyond the shattered tears..

I can not understand
About people
Such sad image
Ooheyy... I will get rid of it
Heyy... Let's get started
I can not throw it away because i'm too sad....

Your words than anyone your answers more than anything..

I want to make sure i want to keep shaking..
Even now, though still
Ohh.. ohh..

Whom's my words from above all my answers...
I want to put it out
I want to see the same toko...
Ohh.. ohh...

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MORE THAN LiKE Lyrics (Fairy Tail: Final Season Opening 4) - BiSH

Fairy Tail: Final Season Opening 4/Fairy Tail Opening 26 Lyrics - MORE THAN LiKE by BiSH

Kakerareta mahou wo honmono nan da majimaji miteru
Konagona no sekai wo kaete..
Yukeru darou...

Kakera hiroi tsuzukete tabi wo tsuzukeyou
Kakeru koto naku
Oh konagona no namoda wo koete
Yukeru nara
Wakaru wake nai
Hito no koto wa
Sonna kanashii imeejimo
Ehhh... ehhh.... topparau yo
Eeehheh... ehhh... hajimeyou

Sutekirenai yo..
Kanashisugi no sei....

Dare yori kimi no kotoba wo..
Nani yori kimi no kotae wo..

Tashikametai yurashi tsuzuketai..
Ima wa mada da to shite mo...

Dare yori boku no kotoba wo..
Nani yori boku no kotae wo..
Dashite mitai sou tashikamete yo
Onaji toko wo mitai yo...

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

NO-LIMIT English Lyrics By Osaka Shunkashuto (Fairy Tail Final Series OP 3)

Fairy Tail Final Series Opening 3 Eng Lyrics (NO-LIMIT - Osaka Shunkashuto)

Wow wow......
Oh we'll get stronger
Wow wow........

Hey! Mr.Pain!
Bring it! x2
I won't let you do as you like
I'll get stronger than you
I've already made up my mind to be so..
Yeah i'm a natural dreamer
Go the way of heart beat fast..
Troubles that get out of tomorrow are just the things we want..

Ey yo!
Come on! Mr.Pain
Wave aside a tall ordaer, non stop
Not feel like you one will lose

(Raise a flag..)
If we are covered bruises
(Raise a flag..)
We are fellows fight together...

The new world is shining brightly..
Cut through the darkness
Break through the limit....

I'll catch the new world..
Fire the critical hit
The way to endless future......

repeat *

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